Pot cooked rice

INGREDIENTS (serves 3)

12 2/3oz rice (2-rice cup)

12 2/5oz water (450cc)



      Fill a bowl with cold water and add rice. Stir it quickly, and pour off the opaque liquid immediately.


      Polish the rice with the back of my hand without applying force, and change the water for four times or so until it is clear.


      Drain the rice washed in above on a sieve about 30 min.

After draining the rice thoroughly, transfer it to a pot. Add water to cover the rice. Bring the rice to boil over hhigh heat. Keep the high heat for two more minutes until the waterbubbles and starts to overflow from the pot. Turn down the heat to medium low for 3 minutes and then turn down to low heat for 5 more minutes until almost all the liquid is absorbed. After a total time of 10 minutes, open the lid and check whether